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Concerned about the spread of liberty around the globe and winning the War on Terror


Bill Rice has been interested in international relations for the past 18 years, focusing at Occidental College (’95) in Politics relating to the IR Theory, the Concert of Europe, Cold War politics and the rise of the US to the world’s sole superpower status. His realist paradigm in a post 9/11 world changed to include an idealist pursuit of the US spreading democratic values throughout the world as the only means of achieving a lasting opportunity for peace. Rejecting any type of relativist viewpoint, Bill Rice believes in American Exceptionalism.

While winning the Global War on Terror is extremely important to the world’s future security and prosperity, he is interested in potential future conflicts after the US consolidates its gains in the Middle East. He is especially interested in rising potential great powers such as China and India and old American friends such as the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

When not blogging he develops and preserves affordable housing in California.

He and his wife are expecting their first child, Catherine in July and live happily in Southern California by the Pacific Ocean along with their two English Bulldogs Clementine and Sydney.

I am blessed!


politics, history, culture, religion, freedom, America