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January 20, 2005


President George W, Bush, a man whom I have adeal of great respect for, rhetorical skills are very swallow in substance and hallow in device. His policies are the problem. First with the past couple of budgets years have run almost a half-a-trillion dollars in the red I would think the sane policy would be to put federal spending into some kind of proper perspective. When this federal budget mess hits the wall it will make October 1987 look like a blip on the federal spending radar screen. when a country is at war its' spending should be put on a war footing, The governmemnt has gotten used to fighting wars aboard as if it will not affect the domestic economy. Everyone should sacrifice!

My Republicans friends used to start and end every political discussion on how it was so immoral to put the current reckless spending deficit on the backs of future generations of Americans. I believe that to be so but modern Republicans do not even speak of such of a moral issue today. If the the spending mess in D.C. is to be ever cleaned up it will be done by very strong Presidential leadership. President Bush has not demonstrated such leadership.

He still believes in private savings accounts instead of social security. He might as well give it up because even his party members in Congress have all but declared it a dead issue, and theat pronouncement isn't to far away. There is no strong call from the public for such a radical change in social security. As political consultant and politicans know all to well "perception is reality." Give the American people what they want because they perceive the current system as working, and currently that is the same program started by FDR. Someone should tell the White House the American public can still contribute to their own IRAs. It will accomplish the same thing the president has advocated with private accounts with alot less governmemnt intrusion and administration cost.

The most important issue with regard to America's national security, ability to fight wars and defend ourselves, as well as promote democracy aboard will be getting and keeping our fiscal house in order.


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