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February 04, 2005



This is interesting because before the Iraqi elections democrats in the middle east might not have taken US promises of support at face value. Bush took a lot of grief for the war in Iraq, and he may or may not have misled the public about WMD as a reason for going in, but I think he must have convinced a lot of people that he means it about supporting democracy. Compare that with his father's encouraging Shia and Kurdish rebellions against Saddam and then abandoning them to their bloody fates. Bush is taking a lot of criticism for his very soft attitude towards Egypt, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, but perhaps he is being truthful. He knows that war is those countries because of factors specific to them would be inherently destabilizing. Syria is smaller and of no consequence. Iran has placed itself outside the pale by secretrly developing nukes. Only thing is the US probably does not have the resources to take down Iran and govern it. Sooner or later other candidates for regime change - China, Russia, might try to find ways to stop Bush.



Thanks for your comment on Dawn's Early Light. I agree that the US left the Iraqi's hanging out to dry after Gulf War I. And you are right, that without some significant call up of our forces, the US is in no position of occupying Iran.

However, I think the youth of Iran are ready for change. They don't hate the US like the Mullah's do and some of their parents generation. Plus there are a good deal of young adults in Iran that don't see a future economically for themselves unless there is greater change and a movement towards the West. Promoting and following through on Change From Within is the best policy for the US in Iran.

It will be interesting to see which way the US moves in the next four years and how well Russia, China and others can constrain the US. They have proved to be an obstacle, but overall ineffective over the past 4 years from Bush pursuing his policies.

Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

Dawn's Early Light

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