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February 18, 2005


Ed Rice

Well said. We need to be consistent and support our friends while fighting our foes.


The media and politicians are not paying attention to East Asia. There seems to be an assumption that China will continue to grow at double digit rates forever, and that China's vast middle class population will quietly acquiesce to continued rule by a corrupt gerontocracy. There is an assumption that Japan and other nations in the region will happily accept China's hegemony, and that no one is concerned about a nuclear armed madman operating a slave state who will either seriously threaten Japan with a nuclear holocaust or collapse within and bring down South Korea as well. It is hard to see an easy way out of this. And need I mention the growth of Islamofascism in Southeast Asia?


There is a much easier way to go about all this. Sell S. Korea, Tiawan and Japan nuclear weapons, or the fissel material to make their own. nonprofilation has only worked against those States that won't use nuclear weapons. Democracies that could build the devices in a few months, don't. The Tyrants and despots struggle for decades to build them. There is a lesson there if the Maddy Halfbrights and Peanut Carters of the world would open their eyes far enough to see it. China will stop growling at a ROC that has 2 fully armed Ohio Class SSBN's wandering around the Pacific.


Please this important new article on the World Net Daily website --

Taiwan's secret: Island is territory of U.S.!
http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=49379 #

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