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March 14, 2005


J. A. Gillmartin

Great post Bill ... heard it on Rush this morning but you've filled in the blanks.

Derek Simmons


I consider myself fortunate to have been channel surfing last night or I never would have been treated to the newsconference given by Ms. Smith on CNN. I did not see or hear any "talking heads"; only your post this morning. You did her story justice. Clearly she was guided by God in her encounter with Mr. Nichols. The manner in which she reported on the events during the newsconference made it clear to me that she knew how God wanted her to act, and that He gave her the courage to lean on Him. I hope it is clear to others who watched that they were witnessing not an incidence of the "Stockholm Syndrome", but rather a witness to the power of prayer and the Presence of God.


Ed Rice

It would be interesting to hear Nichols' side of the encounter with Ashley Smith and learn what it was he took away from it that motivated him to spare her and give up peacefully. Obviously she was key in his decision-making.


I find Ashley Smith's story to be unbelieveable. According to her, she left the apartment with Nichols in her own car and followed him as he drove a stolen vehicle to help him ditch it, instead of driving herself to safety. She then picked up this person who was just finished with a killing spree and took him back to her apartment and fixed him breakfast. There is some prior connection between these two and her actions not only constitute aiding and abetting after the fact but also endangered residents of her apartment complex to bring this man back to her apartment. I think they knew each other and concocted this story to allow her not to be arrested and possibly to collect the reward money.


Regarding Glenn's Comment.
I hope your cynical comments are
based on lack of knowledge, meaning you have not listened to
all facts. Ashley had gotten a
promise from him that she would
be permitted to see her daughter -
that was her goal. Glenn, if a
murderer who has slipped aa massive
dragnet was following you in your
car, he in a truck would you risk
some action hero moves? He knows
all about you and your family and
your daughter and where they live.
This was not Ashley aiding and abeting - it was Ashley having faith and having that blessed strength of faith.
Note that I had emailed Bill that
the media et al would soon begin
a descrediting of Ashley, Faith,
God and everything else they hate.

david hume

i have a new theory, i hope the USA media picks it up. I believe that Nichols “date raped” this woman who read the Bible to him. What I mean is this: he raped her inside her apartment, after taking a shower (naked) while she was on the floor of the bathroom, tied up. get it? he came out of the show, raped her, and then she became his angel. in other words, she didn’t want to die, she didn’t mind being raped if it meant she could live. that is why she gave the second press conference on CNN yesterday. She was raped by Nichols. and that is why she is so emotinally messed up right now. Look, friends, there is no God, there is no Jesus, and no angels. Nichols is in deep doodoo, the “angel’ who read the bible and a purpose driven life to him, chapter 33, she is in deep denial about what really happened. she will go on to become national hero, Bible thumper, richly rewarded, marry rich man, live happily unhappily ever after. she was raped, friends. what this story unfold.


To David Hume,
Your comments were not surprising, as a matter of fact they were redundant.Please read the article in today's NYT's "Hostage's Past May Have Helped Win Captor's Trust" Of course the NYT uses better English and sly innuendo -- so
we should thank you for parsing in a more direct manner. What is odd, very odd, is that this site is generally interested in Foreign Affairs, events and policy. Readers of "Dawns Early Light",I estimate by reading their comments, are intelligent, educated and interested in intelligent educated dialog and debate.
How did you find us??? I presume you searched and have probably posted your hateful unintelligent and miseducated screed on any site you could find
that dared to embrace the "hand of God". We will pray for you and we hope
that now that you have found this site, you make good use of the opportunity
to expand your knowledge of the world.



I think that your theory does not hold water. Victims of brutal sexual assaults do not fall for their captures.

I think that your lack of belief in Jesus or angels, or the purpose of "The Purpose Driven Life" is your reason for needing another angle for this story.

If you don't believe in a Christian view of God, it becomes difficult to think the teaching you reject could have life transforming impact on someone who society rightfully sees as "horrible" or "evil".

Ms. Smith, I don't believe comes off as an emotional mess, rather she came off as a person who had experienced a life and death situation. She is a woman who lost her husband to violence and is working to put together a life again for her and her daughter.

I think you devalue Ms. Smith's courage in your analysis of having to disprove God acting.

Dawn's Early Light

Joseph Evans

I am trying to check out Ashley Smith's story; how much involved was she to Brian Nichols far before this one. You should heard what Dick Gregory said about this case, and how much information they are not giving the public. Did Ashley Smith lose custody of her child? What happened to the supposedly vehicle in question in the garage?


Ashley Smith`s story leaves me with lots of questions. She was at work saying how tired she was then drives home to her apartment. Instead of going to bed and resting, she decided to go out and get smokes at 2am in the morning. I guess the bar she worked at was non smoking and didnt sell cigarettes. Shes leaves and notices a man in a blue truck in a parking space. She comes back home after the smoke run and sees this man in the same truck parked in another space right behind the parking she just left. She then gets out of her vehicle and closes her door and hears the mans door slam right behind hers. She calmly walks to her apartment and gets her keys out and finds this man directly behind her. She screams and he tells her to be quiet. Later on NIchols says what if the neighbors heard ur scream? Did she scream? She said she almost screamed. I dont know, the whole story seems too unbelievable to me. To many conficts in her story and I have a feeling things will surface on this later. If not, she will become rich and famous, one way or another.


I am confused why so many seem at a loss to believe Ms. Smith's story. Perhaps a portion of society finds it difficult to believe in the transforming power of faith. Perhaps it is that we have given up on miracles, or stories with a positive ending.

Ms. Smith appears very credible in the ample coverage that the MainStream Media has given her. I am also troubled why some people take issue with her profiting from the story. Would people be upset with her receiving the $60,000 in different reward monies if this story did not include a personal testimony of faith and the book "The Purpose Driven Life".

Ms. Smith is a hero. She probably saved countless otherlives and the life of a rapist and killer. This should be a credit to her, not a reason to look to undermine a detailed account, because of her faith.

Dawn's Early Light Blog


They have been taught a fear
of spirituality, and lead to
believe that disdain for God
and "moral values" shows high
intelligence and sophistication.

Rice Attends Church in Country Where Religious Freedom is Relentlessly Restricted
By Patrick Goodenough
CNSNews.com International Editor
March 21, 2005

Pacific Rim Bureau (CNSNews.com) - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice attended a Palm Sunday service in Beijing, at a Protestant church permitted to operate by a government accused of violating freedom of religion.

She did not address the service at the Gangwashi Church in the Chinese capital, but listened to a translation through headphones, sang the hymns and signed a visitors' book: "Thank you for allowing me to share Palm Sunday with you. Yours in Christ, Condoleezza Rice."

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