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April 11, 2005



Just a few points:

First, although the Liberal Democrats are to the left of Labour on some issues, on other issues they are to the right of Labour.

Secondly, as a pro-EU Brit, I have to say that Sisuphus' claim that people want to be ruled by Belgians and Italians is oversimplified and misleading crap - in my opinion as misleading as many of the left's facetious anti-war arguments. What pro-EU folks actually want is to rule the EU with the Belgians and Italians. Whether that is a good idea or not, is certainly up for debate, but we can't really debate the issue properly if people continually make misleading statements like this.

Thirdly, although as you note the Tories have an anti-American wing, so do most parties in Europe (and the rest of the world for that matter). However, I'd say the Tories are actually more pro-US than Labour, and the US would have a equally strongly committed ally in Britain whether it is under a Tory or Labour government. The Liberal Democrats, it is true, would most likely push for significant clear water between US and UK foreign policy.

Oh, and anyone who thinks Tony Blair is a socialist is about as smart as a man who repeatedly sticks knitting needles through his brain. Blair, although a member of the Labour Party is probably it's most right wing member.

OK, rant over.

Bill Rice


Thanks for taking the time and posting a comment on Dawn's Early Light. I am not sure that the New Sishyphus was saying Tony Blair is a socialist, but rather his party is well to the left of him. It is much like the Democratic Party in America, without Clinton they drifted way back to the left and as the last election saw, anyone with a centrist view was destroyed in the primaries, like the pragmatic Sen. Lieberman.

While I am not a fan of Labour, I am a fan of solid conviction. Prime Minister Tony Blair has demonstrated this type of conviction to principle (he is often occused of being the opposite) in his foreign policy positions and steadfast support of the Greater War on Terror, something that is extremely important to us Americans and generally less important to the member states of the EU.

I agree with you that the Tories are more pro-American than the Labour Party, though I would doubt more so than the current Prime Minister. It is the complete disorganization of the Tories and lack of creative new ideas in domestic or foreign policy that makes me think their time in the Wilderness is not over yet. I could well be wrong, but I find it difficult to see a strong UK with the current conservative leadership.

I am curious to know what positions the Liberal Democrats hold that you are most in support of?

Kind regards,

Bill Rice
Dawn's Early Light


I've been a Lib Dem supporter for quite a while and to say my support has been tested by their opposition to the Iraq war would be an understatement!

I firmly believe that invading Iraq was the right thing to do, but I cannot support the way that the Labour government took us into the war. To put it bluntly, I believe that by using and massively overstating the threat that Iraqi WMDs posed, they lied to the British publc. On the war, although both the Lib Dems - who, of course, opposed the war - and Labour have completely opposition positions, I find that I can't support either party's position.

Which pretty much leaves their domestic policies.

(I should say at this point also that I think the Conservatives are - mostly - a bunch of ignorant, bigoted Little Englanders and will not get my vote even if hell freezes over).

I like the liberal aspect of the Lib Dems (personal freedoms and all that).

I'm also very much in favour of their policy of replacing the council tax (local tax based on the value of the house you live in) with a local income tax.

I like the fact that in local government (where they have been far more successful) they have been very effective. They've done more or less what they promised to do, and they've run their local councils well.

I don't like the fact that they plan to scrap student fees and fully fund education from the public purse. I'd much rather a US style system based on loans. Having said that, I hate the Labour halfway house of letting universities impose piddlingly tiny fees even more. I also dislike the fact that, under the current system, it is very very difficult to get sensible loans that you can defer while you are undertaking postgraduate study (as I recently did, much to my financial cost).

Plus, I'm English. Gotta support the underdog...

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