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April 06, 2005



A few years ago, The Atlantic had an article criticizing America's "brittle" airline defense. Our system fails badly, because once on board with a weapon the terrorist can do anything.

The author suggested, instead of such vigorous and alienating screening, just giving knives to all passengers. It certainly would solve that problem!


I'm enjoying this bit of personal experience with the TSA. Living abroad, I miss out on things like this. Also interesting to read personal experience with the new government security reforms.


Of course there are no hard feelings! Intelligent conversation, even when heated is just about that, intelligence. Exchanging interesting ideas with educated people in order to challenge one's self and learn from it.

Ed Rice

I would like to know what foolishness led the TSA to include your name in the first place. That would probably give us some insight into its obviously flawed and abusive program. I haven't heard anything about an apology yet. One thing for sure: If the government is always right, it's wrong from the beginning and will eventually fail.


Looks like you're not the only one upset with the TSA

"Air Security Agency Faces Reduced Role"

Javier VM


You are not alone - we can group commiserate - it feels impotant to be watched. Had the same experience flying in TX with Southwest.

I'll get my three IDs, spend $20 notarizing the copies and send a PIVF to TSA.

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