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April 22, 2005



Good post. I like your take on the "marriage factor" ...


Never in American history have the United States Marine Corps been given such leadership roles over all our military.

General Jones runs NATO,unheard of in past history. I'm a fan of all our military and my own son is on active duty in the Persian Gulf as master helmsman right now on the USS Ashland on his second cruise taking your fellow Marines into Iraq.

Bush and Rumsfeld have taken their fair share of lumps,but GW Bush&Don are smart enough to know a fighting man when they see one,they also have elevated General Schoomaker as Army Chief of Staff,an old special forces officer.

Donald Macdonald USMC

Dear General Pace Sir,

The Constitution and the Marine Corps are far more important then any Presidency. If it comes to it, resign with Honor. Don't become another Col. North. Your oath is to the Constitution and the Marine Corps ... not to preserving the White House.

With the greatest of respect, Semper Fi

Donald Macdonald, Rifleman USMC

Phil Cherry CWO3 USMCR

Congradulations General Pace
From one of your original White House Detail, Marine Sergeants, from Marine Barracks 8th and I St.
Washington,D.C. in 1970.
"Semper Fi"

mark timmons

Please forward to me the address, phone number(s), and FAX number(s) assigned to members of Joint Chiefs of Staff. Thank you. [email protected]

Ron Simms

Based on his recent comments regarding homosexual acts, this man is an idiot. He is a typical GOP hack. Peter, are the war crimes committed by your troops moral?

Robin Behan

General Pace exemplifies the demise of the U.S.A. in the enlightened worlds eyes, or rather perhaps the true understanding of what the 'American dream' actually is. A culture where the winner takes all, a 1/3 of the population live in poverty, people die through lack of health care, millions of puritanical Christian fundamentalists and a supposed democracy that handed the presidency to a buffoon [that didn't win] thanks to a partisan Supreme court.
This idiot thinks homosexuality is immoral while having no qualms about illegally invading countries, killing and displacing millions, using torture, radioactive phosphorus weapons..... Morality? he doesn't know the meaning of the word. It seems that the only hope for the world is if these idiots blow themselves up.

Eugene F. Brown

We appreciate your comments on the role of homosexuals and the morality issue.

E. F. Brown
Verner Raska

A. G. Blackmon

Please send me the address of Gen Pace. I would like to express to him in letter my appreciation for his stand on homosexuals in the military.


A.G. Blackmon

Mark Steven Weyrauch


General Page. about July last, I advised you that ARMY Hero Sgt. James Witkoski should his Silver Star elevated to the Medal of Honor in that he died by falling on a granade, saving the lifes of several of his men and sacrificed his life in this unselfish act of valor.

You advised me that you gave the mission to investigate this heroric act by the Assistance to the Chief of staff, U. S. Army. Nope, have never heard one word. Is the MH being helf for ransom?

Semper fi,
Ralph A. Echave, S/Sgt., USMC 48-52

2205 N. Seville
Apt. 1108
Tucson, AZ 85715

Joe Byers

Do you have General Pace's current mailing address? My son is a Marine and I would like to write General Pace and thank him for his service.


I'd like to have General Pace, if willing, sign a MARINE book I have for my father, LTC Burton Eberlein USMC Ret, and in honor of his brother Ensign Duane Eberlein who died when the USS Monson was hit during the Battle of Guadalcanal WWII. Is it possible to obtain a Protocol Officer Number or other contact to determine if, how to make this happen?


I am so very proud of General Peter Pace, USMC, upon his service as Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff. Along with his family, especially his late dad, John, his Mom Doris, and his brother Sim (also a graduate of the US Naval Academy prior to Peter by two years), and also a Marine who Honorably served his country in Vietnam, the Pace family has contributed two wonderful gentlemen that can be added to the scores of families who have sent their sons and daughters off to war in preservation of Democracy.

My congratulations to General Pace on the way he left office "my men (Marines and all other services serving under him) can not resign and leave the battlefield; and I will not desert them in their time of battle" (not a correct quote, but basically what he said.

Doris, you have to very proud of your children, as you should be.
Frank Wakely,Sr.
West Palm Beach, FL

Sam Bauman

Just to update all fans of General Pace, we are pleased to announce that he has joined the team at SM&A. We are proud to be associated with a true patriot, and a great american.



Rev. Mark Steven Weyrauch

I'm not a marine. I have never been in the Military. I hope this above person isn't a case of stolen identity. My gracious Peter, did you take my birth certificate out of Paterson and give it to a Marine who needed a new name?
[email protected]

Rev. Mark Steven Weyrauch

Is this man the spider man from College in Ohio who attended my parents funeral in Western New York State in 1987 named C.M. He attended the funeral and was a Marine and new my name then? Gracious, the world is a big place. He wanted to die when he turned forty, as he said.

Rev. Mark Steven Weyrauch

Hey Mr. Pace. Can you juggle? Look, I'm not confused about who I am, CM might be if this is him. My parents were from Teaneck, NJ and moved to upstate New York. Everyone is gone except 71 year old Grandmother. He decided to attended and drive in the back seat of our powder blue Dotson B-210 all the way to Attica of all places and drive back with a red Irish Setter. My Dad lied like crazy about his military record right in the paper and we had no control over his mouth. Me, I'm a Christian and know my redeemer lives. I know what I am and know what I am not. I am not a Marine.

Maybin was perhaps the most pure pass- rusher in the draft, competing with FSU’ s Everette Brown for that title. Maybin’ s first step has been compared to a bullet getting fired out of a gun, that explosive. And when it comes to pass rushing DE’ s, it’ s all about the first step. Maybin’ s versatility was another big pro for taking him as high as the Bills did. Many scouts had Maybin projected as a OLB in both 3- 4 and 4- 3 defenses. The Bills aren’ t necessarily known for their creativity on either side of...

phone search

Too many peters and dicks in there - that's our problem :)

Frederick Vincent Smith

I met General Pace at the Walking Dead Reunion In Washington,D.C. . And He Thank Me for My Service. I was the one in a Red Blazer and wheelchair and I forgot to Ask Him for a challenge coin From He and also General Libutti and General Berger. Iwould love to have a Challenge Coin from All Three and would also cover the cost for them and Postage. My Name,Frederick Vincent Smith,2078i Johnson road Jefferson, S.C. 29718 tele 843-658-6389 And My Fellow Marine That could not talk would like to have them as well...Thank You Sirs,This was truly one of the highlights of my Life. God Bless all


Thanks and regards.

Paul Bramlett

I am A Viet Nam vet(U.S.Navy),And I must say that the United States Marine Corps is with out a doubt the extream elete of the armed forces.Their are very few people that I refer to as my heros.GENERAL Pace is one of those heros.I would dearly love to meet this outstanding american and buy him a drink.

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I come here and read your updates, I am really pulling for you. I even

added you in my prayers this morning. At this point all you can do it

wait. 2 days is SOOO long when you have to wait for this kind of news.

Hopefully, you will be able to keep busy until than.

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