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April 05, 2005


Ed Rice

The government cannot carelessly abuse the innocent and claim it's any different than any of the countries it accuses of human rights violations. Hypocrisy doesn't sell, except maybe to people of bad intent. Let's see how quickly and apologetically the TSA corrects its obvious error here.

William  Goode

"The most intrusive search" you say? I think you got off easy. You don't have a pacemaker like my mother has...she gets the full pat down every time. You got an abbreviated pat down. The code on the boarding pass, however, is generated by the Southwest computers...everyone who flies regularly knows that much. TSA was just doing their job. TSA doesn't know why the airline computer flags you. The "no-fly" list is just that...you don't fly if you are on it. I think you just have a bad opinion of the TSA and find that you are above the screening process. No one is above the screening process. I have been screened like that several times this year all because I had to travel on short notice on airlines I don't regularly use. I know it's a pain in the neck but these people deserve our patience and compliance. They have a hard enough time trying to cope with the passengers who aren't complying to the liquid restrictions and those idiots who are still bringing knives and guns into our airports.

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