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May 03, 2005


Bruce Chang

Bill, the Chinese realize what's going on with the containment policy, and from their corner of the universe it looks like the US is trying to take away their rightful claim to a little piece of of glory. If that sounds like Wilhelmine Germany, don't be surprised.

Of course, it's not as if China is accepted unconditionally by her neighbors. If China would like to make friends, she will have to start thinking about helping others out. Maybe not full-scale tsunami relief-sized efforts, but sincerity and goodwill may help.

Don't expect that to happen soon, however. China's economy may not quite be able to afford that sort of soft power just yet, and in any case, Chinese political history isn't exactly replete with examples of generosity.



As usual, a great post. Most Americans don't realize that many countries consider China a hegemon, or a potential one, and would welcome any help in containining it.

I wish the media would report on it more.

Bruce Chang

Niraj, unfortunately, as has been the case for the last 200 years, too many in the West are driven by a romanticized notion of China: Witness Fareed Zakaria's breathless enrapturement with China's future prospects. True, he is a little more circumspect about it than many journalists would otherwise be. But his gushing romanticism of that nation is an indication of just how much fawning is going on.

But whatever sells an idea, or a magazine, I guess.


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