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May 06, 2005


Zsa Zsa

The NY Times is only good for it's crosswords!
Unless you are a screaming, flaming, liberal why bother reading that trash! I really can't stomach the liberal media and the trash they put out. That is why I go to the blogs for my news now! It is uaually a bunch of lies and so I see no need in even trying to read it. I would trust the National Enquire before the trash in the NY Times...Thanks!


Dear Bill,
I also recall that after 9/11
there was much gnashing of teeth
that the Bush Administration had
ignored Richard Clark and Sandy
Berger in identifying our greatest
threat. They were concentrating
too much on CHINA!!
I also recall attacks by the left
using this during Congressional
hearings by the Armed Services
Committees and Foreign Relations
in addition to the 911 commission.
Am I correct in these recollections?
"What are they smoking?" "What's
in the water?" "or Kool Aid?"
actually seem reasonable questions.
Another remake of the "Manchurian
Candidate" may be in order. What
has been going on at their in-house
seminars and retreats? Hummmm....

Joe Katzman

The Boeing order is indeed related to India's wish to purchase U.S. aircraft. The aircraft in question are not Lockheed's F-16s, but Boeing's forthcoming P-8A Multimission Maritime Aircraft (based on a 737 airframe), set to begin replacing the U.S. P-3C Orions between 2010-2013.

I've said this before, but: ignore the air force stuff and focus on the naval cooperation. That's where the key hinge of any U.S.-India relationship will lie.

India hopes the P-8A could also replace India's aging Tupolev-142 "Bear" long-range reconnaissance planes and Ilyushin-38 maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft around 2015... and with the U.S. discussing partnership development of the P-8A with Canada and Italy, India may want a seat at that table. No decision has been made re: India's interest in the P-8A, but the U.S. is offering India P-3C Orions as an immediate option.

Brian H

The NYT position is perfectly consistent if you start from the following 2 assumptions:

1) Whatever GWB and the Administration are doing, it's wrongheaded and precipitous;

2) Whatever they aren't doing (or trumpeting) they should be doing, and are consequently asleep at the switch.

This leaves the field wide open for criticism of anything anytime, and makes for easy (albeit stupid) editorial writing.


The New York Times may have a point.

Mentioning Rice's travel isn't a true comparison, as Poweel was one of the least traveled Secretaries of State in the modern era. Whether this was right or wrong, it was his method of operations. Rice wil travel to every part of the globe more than Powell did.

Richard Armitage was far beyond an "Asia hand." He speaks "went native" in a somewhat "Colonel Kurt" fashion: Armitage fluent Vietnamese, quit the army so he could fight along with ARVN (because after 1972, the number of American serviceman in South Vietnam was strictly limited), comandeered South Vietnam's Navy to get it into Philipine waters, was foster parent to an incredible amount of war oprhans, spent a number of years as an employee of Air Thailand (?), a very well funded airline with very few passengers with absolutely no links to the CIA whatsoever, then began a tour in Iran, etc.

Now, if I was conspiracy minded, I might think it is significant that Armitage's name is the first in the list. Or that this might be part of a whispering campaign to make him SecDef or Ambassador to the UN. Or that this might somehow relate to the opposition to John Bolton, an enemy of both Powell and Armitage.

Of course, that would be crazy talk...

The Redhunter

I think the basic problem with the NYT is that they have a very simplistic view of how do conduct foreign policy. They subscribe to the "broken telephone" theory of international relations; "if we could all just sit down together and talk it all out...."

To them, it's all about "engagement" and "negotiations", almost as if you say those words often enough magical things happen.

So the NYT claims that the Bush Admin is asleap at the wheel because we're not "engaging" them in endless talks. Never mind purchases of aircraft, weaponry, or security arrangements. Those types of things are relegated to the perephery to the sophisticates at the Times.

To the Times, the mere mention of military force is "provocative", and engaging Japan is described as "reckless to stir up past grievances".

Lastly, if in the past the American right could be accused of supporting dictatorships as the only viable alternative to communism, today the tables have been turned. It is the left that tells us that encouraging democracy is "destabilizing" etc. Heaven forbid we support a democratic Taiwan against China.


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