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May 28, 2005



For some reason, his site is no longer up, but I suspect you might find one
of his essays to be of interest.
I have it saved on my hard drive, so I hope you don't mind my reproducing
it in full in absence of his site.

To my dear son,

In the final days of the
twentieth century, our Republic stands with fatal and dangerous pause on the
brink of infected rot.

When I was your age I, too, spent my days in
happy play and painting; in the love of my mother's arms and in the wonder of
fresh knowledge. I knew nothing of the sport of Men, and of the plays they
made for power and control in the world.

I, too, depended on the
strength and protection of my parents to handle the issues of national life
that I was a bare innocent in the path of.

Today, on your first day of
school, I am at home writing this letter with a heavy and worried heart. Our
Republic is no longer the unified bulwark of freedom that it once was. The
dignity of office... the respect for law... and the commitment to spreading
the shining and brilliant love of freedom that we based our lives upon, has
slowly but surely been transformed into an ignorant and careless abrogation of
our duties and responsibilities.

I look to the future of our nation,
and I am grim in foreboding for the threats that you will face. They will be
very different from mine.

When we feared the sudden incandescence of
nuclear suns dawning across the land, it was in the knowledge that our
Republic was united still, and facing the dangers of outside hate with a solid
and unswerving heart.

I fear that on the morrow, when your day has
arrived and you must take up the mantle of leadership, that you will face
these dangers hamstrung by the death of the Republic that enabled freedom to
grow and flourish across the world.

The fall of nations can often be
traced to the casual and careless abandonment of duty and responsibility which
often accompanies prosperity and peace. I pray that I will be able to teach
you this, and to instill in you an understanding of the true nature of Men,
and of the myriad tangles they weave in the grasp for temporal

The rebirth of America will lie on your shoulders, and on the
shoulders of friends who share today with you the laughter, the games, and the
happy shouts of childhood. In your future those shouts will transform into the
screams of war, and the games will become the manipulations of authority that
accompany the struggle for control.

You must, my son, strive to attain
an understanding of these things as you grow into a man. For the life of our
Republic, and the nation for which we stand, cannot survive

We see new Senators calling for the dismantling of our
Constitution, and for the change of our representative government into
officially sanctioned mob rule. We see our leaders commit disgusting crimes in
the face of our people, and explain away the consequences by the definition of
simple words.

I see the active promotion of ignorance in America, and
the willing destruction of our nation so that partisan attachments may be

My son, you must grow in the knowledge that our freedom is
more important than anything.

Your liberty and rights are more
important than your safety, and more critical to your happiness than wealth or

I pray that you will never feel that they are somehow
guaranteed to you by the beneficence of other men.

The Republic cannot
survive without this understanding.

And the light of freedom that seeds
hope in the hearts and minds of billions... the promise of America, and the
fundamental justice of free conscience and rule of law that we swear by...
cannot survive without the Republic.

So as this millennium draws to a
close, I pray that you will find this knowledge, and this strength, to
maintain the principles of America in your own life - and in the future of our
shared nation. There is no better struggle, and no more essential one to the
race of Men.

I love you very much. And I pray, too, that my own example
as your father can pave the way for you. I will stumble from time to time, as
we all do. But on this one matter you must never flinch:

Your liberty
is not negotiable.

All my love,


Bill C

Hi Bill,

My wife and I are awaiting the birth of our daughter and first child, also. She is due in August. Good Luck.


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