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May 04, 2005



If the European states are smart, they will focus on low-tech 4GW techniques and abandoned any big-army type dreams.

Blair courageously is doing just that, which is very hard for a British leader.

As for France? heh

Bruce Chang

There you have it, then. For the Europeans, especially the French, it's all about protecting domestic businesses. In this case, "how can we force the US Armed Forces to give us more of their business?". Whereas developing nations that actually have (albeit slowly receding) national interest concerns are thinking, "How can we best get a hold of that technology?"

The Redhunter

The left and other assorted anti-American types love to use the "US military budget equals the rest of the world put together" line against us. But the reality is not that our budget is so high, it's that everyone else's is so low.

Such is our fate, perhaps. On the one hand so many complain whenever the US intervenes militarily. On the other they know they could't do anything themselves. Thus they are frustrated by their impotence but unwilling to do anything about it.

What's really amazing is that although we spend about as much as everyone else put together, as a percentage of GDP we are spending less than at any time since the Korean War (I go on memory here. I'm close if not spot-on).

Of course, "dollars and cents" do not necessarily equate directly to "bullets and bombs". "Bullets" must cost less in less developed parts of the world. Kind of like looking at income without cost-of-living. Bill, do you know if this was taken into account?

Bill Rice


The excerpt from Jane's didn't reveal any more information. From other research I have done on European armies, they are larger than they need to be, have high benefit costs and generally eat up a good portion (often well over 50%) of the countries defense budgets. This mean less into long term improvements in logistics, weapon systems, training and research.

I think Britain has the most effective (cost wise) European force and has not gutted the force post cold war.

Kind regards,

Bill Rice
Dawn's Early Light

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