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July 20, 2005



Congratulations! Enjoy your new daughter and I look forward to regular posting soon!

John Schroeder (Blogotional)

Congrats Bill! I'm very happy for you.

D Henry

Hey Bill! We are so thrilled for you guys and can't wait to meet the little lady next month! Huge hugs from all of us!

Ed Rice

It was a thrill to be at the hospital and hear the good news when Catherine was born. I wish her a full, rich and healthy life.
And, of course, "the topics we all care passionately about" are the ones focused on enriching not only our lives but the lives of our children and generations to come. We look forward to reading more of your unique perspective.



You and Tera will be wonderful, wonderful parents. (With plenty of grandparental love around you also!)




Congratulations! And welcome to the proud fatherhood club...


A massive congrats.

Rick Moore

Bill - congrats! She's a beauty and you'll never be the same guy again. My first was a girl, too, so your emotions are very familiar to me (though it's been over 16 years ago now). God bless you guys!


She is absolutely precious Bill.
Thanks for sharing your miracle with the rest of us and congratulations on your new promotion to fatherhood.

Lexington Green

Congratulations. Nice photo.

Thomas Hazlewood

Aye, been there. Grats!


Congratulations, Bill!
You and the missus have a wonderful treasure on your hands.
May she grow into a happy, fulfilling and bountiful future.



Congratulations. Delighted to see this post :-)


Will Franklin


Bill C

Congratulations Bill. She is beautiful. Tell your wife the blogosphere says Hi.

Russ & Corky

We're so happy for you and Tera and Catherine's grandparents. Your life has been enriched a thousand fold.

Corky & Russ

Will Franklin

Congrats, and I look forward to your blogging return.

Right Wing Nutter

Boy, your post sure brings back memories. They're a little over 19 years old, and my precious beautiful baby is still precious and beautiful but...

She is also godly and loving and remains the light of her mother's & my lives.


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(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

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