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October 27, 2005


Dan tdaxp

Very good post on Kouizumi's use of maneuver. He recognizes Japan's weakness is her pacifist nature. So like a child who cannot reach the cookie jar, but can reach his mother's skirt, Kouizumi "reaches" China, who bring Japanese opinion around to him.

Or something like that... apologies for the incoherent analogy :)

Bill Rice


The analogy is good. I believe you to be correct. You stated my opinion in a more direct way. Koizumi, fresh from a major electoral victory and term limited is looking to move the Japanese opinion from the short-term and looking back orientation, to the future threats and opportunities the Japanese face.

Thank you for your comment.

Kind regards,

Bill Rice
Dawn's Early Light Blog


Excellent post, and spot on. Look forward to part 2.


Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. However I totally disagree with your opinion. I am Japanese national. The main reason Koizumi visited the shrine is because his strong and stable backers are the families of so called war criminals and their comrades memorized at the shrine. The fact of the matter is Japanese have yet reviewed past war. Many of us feel guilty about what our country did in China. Polls says half of the citizens think we did the mistake. Much more than those who don't.

Now even big business people opposed that because his visits affects their marketing in China.

The article 9 which rules disarmament would not be changed by his visits, rather it would make us think that the old militant spirits still remain in our government so we should not let the government use arms not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Joey Chan

I am encouraged to know that there are Japanese like you guys out there. That's the hope for Asia and the world. Both world wars were mainly started in Europe. It's widely believe that Japan, the country that tries in every aspect to imitate European countries would repeat the same mistake in Asia. Why would Japan do it, does'nt it see the consequence of these wars? Can the civilization win over the premitive drive in Japan?

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