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November 19, 2005


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Damn chinese and their Panama ideas...sure they are partnering to help others...yeah, that surely happens !

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The progress made by China in the last few decades is awesome and they must continue. But let me tell you the dark side of them, they are moving with such a high speed with a very bad intention, they just want to be the king of world, for these they are ready to do anything. They are also said to be allying with the terrorist groups. They must really do a self test as they are running towards a deep trench

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china is expanding all over the place... too bad their own market is closed for a lot of companies... and whole industries, especially the adult one

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I am not sure the Catholic Church is spoiling for a fight with the Chinese in Latin America.


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Chinese economic linkages with Latin America have been paralleled by a certain growth in the military relationship between the two geographical areas

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Damn chinese and their Panama ideas...sure they are partnering to help others...yeah, that surely happens !


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China as called a Republic of china and panama we are say the leaves. and China Moves In from Insight on the panama.

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