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November 07, 2005


Gregory McDowall

I think both factors have to be looked upon as integral to the cause of the riots. The French have not made much of an effort to assimilate their immigrants so I have to conclude that whatever they say about not looking at race they do not wish to include them fully in their society. Their statist bent does not help in this regard either which has left their economy on the rocks, making it hard for immigrants to get ahead. The state has also had to cut back on social programs due to budget restraints over the past three years causing more resentment.

On the other side, a hostile minority of the immigrants does not wish to assimilate, but would rather hold onto the male-dominated cultures from which they came. This cannot be ignored. The Islamists make no secret of their desire to turn Europe's nations into Islamic Republics, which if you look at the demographics is not implausible. By around 2075, Muslims will be in the majority in every European nation. If France agrees to let the millets continue to exist outside of French civil society the millets will only grow as the immigrant population increases. The Islamists have a nose for weakness and one of the reasons France opposed the Iraq War was fear of an immigrant backlash. How ironic!

However, the excellent blogger Pundita has made an interesting but little noticed connection between the EU3's hardened stance on Iran and Syria and the so-called spontaneous riots. Here's her take on it. http://pundita.blogspot.com/2005/11/somewhat-contradictory-views-of-muslim.html

Gregory McDowall

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