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November 25, 2005


Joe Katzman

Prepare for the to-and-fro of mixed signals from Germany. Merkel may have positioned herself - but the enduring question is whether she can position her government. The jury is still completely out on that, and I myself am not an optimist.

At least she's setting out a choice, and her reluctance to be France's poodle will help diminish France's influence - but don;t expect a real move of any kind until the German electorate actually makes up its mind.

M. Simon

Her idea of how to fix the German economy is to raise taxes.

I think she is a couple of clues short on economics.


Maybe the above comments are right. Merkel is not in the same position as a US politician like Bush. She does not have the power. She must also try and lead a 'grand coalition', made up of christian democrats and social democrats. So, basically, there will be no change in Germany.

From a Polish perspective, Merkel is a disaster. Her party has made noises about wanting to take back, or receive compensation, for parts of Poland that Germany lost just after WWII.

And though the German economy is a sleeping giant at the moment, when you go there you get the impression of a fantastic country. Every public service works. The streets are clean. Poeple are educated and warm. The same is true in France.

As a Brit, sadly, I cannot say the same for the UK!

Dan tdaxp


An excellent post. Thank you.


While I am generally pro-Polish, a country that forbids Germans to own land hardly is in a position to say "get over history"!


Ah Americans desperate for a an European kiss, every Euro premier that want to mend gets a pass... Ok joking. No Merkel while better or less worst than Shroeder doesnt have power to cut the fat in German and make them look for futur. Every great political leader that changed a country had a vision from Reagan to Thatcher to Gorbatchev(albeit Gobby had fuzzy one) just to talk about recent ones.

Now what is the vision of Mrs. Merkel?

Laura James

This excellent post leads the History Carnival XXI. http://www.laurajames.typepad.com/

Rob W

So is Merkel going to go after the Catholic Church like Bismarck too?


i think you forget something, she has got the ablsolute majority in the bundestag and her calition partner together with her party stand, at least until today, behind her. So it will be much easier for her to make big changes, then for a government with a smaller majority.

and, i live in germany and i haven´t heard anything about thoughts of getting polish land back, because we don´t want it, it´s hard enough to rebuilt eastern germany!!!


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yeah right... she's more like the next hitler

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