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November 09, 2005



Indeed. I'd like to see it just once in the news that the Iraqi's had a better turnout for their elections than we did in the US! And they say there's no progress. All the bickering and infighting is progress. This is what most people don't get. That's what democracy is about, learning how to get along and for the first time, the Sunnis, Shia and Kurds have to learn that.

Bill Rice


Excellent point! Democracy is about overcoming the differences of its constituents and arriving at consensus.

Iraq is moving down this path and has the opportunity of transforming a region.

Kind regards,

Bill Rice
Dawn's Early Light


You know, I am from London. And all my life we have been told about the US/UK special relationship. This basically came from the UK being in debt to the US over WWII. And not just financially. I think only since 9/11 have Americans really discovered this ‘special relationship’.

Britain will always be Atlanticist because it thinks, since the end of its empire; the real way to get influence in the world is through alliances with the US.

The US needs the UK because it is a economic, cultural and linguistic bridge to the EU.

But these are political alliances between political classes. The people in the UK – and Poland – are as full of dumb US prejudices as all Europeans are. But they also have a love/hate relationship with your popular cultural products.

So the British relationship is a very contradictory one. And I think Americans should always be aware of that. Don’t take it for granted. It’s not a stable one any longer.

Bill Rice


I completely agree with you on the fact the US-UK Special Relationship cannot and should not be taken for granted.

I think I would take issue with the view that Americans did not wake up to the importance of the relationship until 9/11.

Americans were very aware of the relationship between PM Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the 80s. This was reinforced during the US retaliation against Lybia for the German disco bombings.

The UK allowed US warplanes to strike Tripoli from UK bases, while the French forced the US to fly all the way around Europe, through Gibraltar to carry out the mission to punish state sponsored terrorism.

Not to launch off on a tangent, but it is ironic that the "Arab street" has had no better European friend than the French and Paris still burns.

I agree the tied of politics is moving against the "Special Relationship" domestically in the UK. Nevertheless, both nations have achieved greater political foreign policy goals then either nation alone could accomplish.

As a side note, the UK is the number one place for US tourists outside of North America (Canada and Mexico) for travel abroad, followed by France. (US Today graph Nov 10, 2005).

English, shared history, a shared global sense of responsibility, love of liberty and a history of more often than not, doing the morally correct policy in the world are important binds.

The US has much in common with the English and Australians and we would be wise to never take this relationship for granted.

Kind regards,

Bill Rice
Dawn's Early Light

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