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December 10, 2005


Michael Turton

This is tantamount to leaders of the Republican Party in 1944 to ask President Roosevelt for a timetable to bring the troops home from Europe and the Pacific Theater, which of course never happened.

No, it is tantamount to politicians opposing US involvement in Vietnam asking for withdrawal in 1967 or so. Which of course, never happened.

Bill Rice


Thank you for your comment. However, I do believe it is very different from Vietnam. The goal of the Vietnam War was to keep the North from controlling the South and thereby supporting our South Vietnam ally.

Iraq is more akin to the Second World War. The US deposed Saddam Hussein in Iraq and is working to achieve a "democratic" Iraq from the ground up.

Vietnam was a war to contain communism along George Kennan's containment/domino theory. Democratizing Iraq from a brutal dictatorship in the heart of a very non-democratic Middle East to change a region.

Vietnam was a war of escalation. Iraq is anything but. The US committed a massive force to win the war and keep the peace.

Considering that the US and Iraqi interim government hit their benchmarks for two elections and a draft consititution with overwhelming turnout, it is difficult to see how this translates into a "cut and run" foreign policy now being articulated by the Democrats.

I look forward to posting Part II of this series to explore further.

Kind regards,

Bill Rice

Ed Rice

That's a great point about Democrats turning their backs on John Kennedy's eloquent commitment to "pay any price, support any friend, oppose any foe in order to assure the survival and success of liberty." In effect, the Democrats appear to have taken the side of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, becoming hypocritical supporters of freedom and true enemies of it in the United States.


You summarize the Democrats arguments well, but you forgot one – they think that the war makes Americans less safe at home. As you say, their position says that ‘it isn’t worth it’ or ‘we can’t win it’ etc.

I think they have a completely unprincipled opposition to the war. You won’t be hearing them argue for Iraq’s national sovereignty, the right to Iraqi self determination, that armed intervention destabilizes nations, weakens an already weak civil society, breaks up post-colonial nations back into tribal parts, makes the population feel even weaker and more helpless than they did under a dictatorship, etc.

They can’t argue that case because Clinton (and Blair) bombed and invaded even more countries than Bush has. And at least Bush didn’t invade Iraq because he had a bit of trouble with an ex-intern. (Balkans, Sudan…)

The Democratic opposition is all about ‘us’ and not what it should be about, ‘them’. And it should be up to the Iraqis if, when and how the occupation should end, not Democrats, Republicans…

Tom the Redhunter

I've always thought the best analogy was to the Civil War from the North's perspective.

When Lincoln decided to take back the South, the (northern)Democrats were on board. When the war proved more difficult than anticipated, they backed off. In their 1864 presidential party platform the Democrats were advocating a cessation of hostilities and a negotiated peace. Although their candidate, George McClellan, repudiated the platform, I have little doubt he would have negotiated a peace with the south - one that by definition would have left slavery in place, this time with an ironclad guarantee

The war grew unpopular with the people, too. The Union Army was unable to meet it's recruiting goals and resorted to a draft. The draft was so unpopular that riots broke out in NYC in 1864 that killed scores.

Lincoln thought he was going to lose the election of 1864 over the war issue, but fortunately for him a few Union victories(Sherman took Atlanta, for example) turned the tide of public opinion.

Imagine if we'd listened to the Democrats of 1864?

Zsa Zsa

Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry etc. should be ashamed! BUT...They are not. The anti-americanism that spews from these so called leaders of our country is sad!... These individuals are nothing more than a group of inferior politicians! They can't get over the FACT that Republicans are the majority and will stop at nothing to further their own agenda! Sad but true...

Bill Rice


Excellent analysis. I had not thought of the challenges Lincoln faced during the Civil War.

So maybe it is true that there "is nothing new under the sun" as far as politics goes.

Nevertheless, it is such a short sighted policy and so fraught with self-interest as to be blatantly transparent.

Kind regards,

Bill Rice

Bruce Chang

Congresswoman Pelosi purports to make our military stronger by bringing it home and never doing anything with it? With all due respect to our brave soldiers, those against the war and those in favor alike, the point of having a military is to create a credible threat. The best way to strengthen a military force is to show enemies that they will be engaged, rather than sitting at home getting fat.

The Democratic strategy is to turn the military from an instrument of national policy into a constituency to be drawn upon during an election.

Unfortunately, the Democratic party is all about U.S. elections, and nothing else. They don't care if their policies are good or bad as long as they can use it to increase their constituency.


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