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July 13, 2006




Excellent post. I'm looking forward to continuation of the series.

One note - if I understand correctly the reduction in forces - as planned - in South Korea is for a drop from 37000 to 25000 - a reduction of 12k. Not a reduction to 12k.

Let me know when the next component is pubbed. I look forward to reading it.

Tom the Redhunter

Indeed, very imformative.

If the ROK doesn't want us there, then by all means let's leave, or reduce our numbers.

Further, with the advent of DPRK long-range missiles and nuclear weapons(however they may be delivered), the situation is not the same as it was from 1953 to the mid 1990's. Then, we would face a ground attack from the North. Given this scenario, US ground troops made sense.

But now that the threat has changed, it seems that the DPRK is best countered through a combination of naval and air force air power, and missile defense assets.

Bill Rice

Marvin and Tom,

Thanks for your comments. I have been busily finishing up my research on Part I "US strategic and military planning in the region".

I hope to be ready to dive in with some analysis and commentary by Monday.

If the United States is not wanted, I think we should leave and I believe Sec Rumsfeld said something to that effect.

I look forward to your comments after the next section.

Kind regards,

Bill Rice
Dawn's Early Light


Well why the younger and more 'pampered' skorean has anti US stand....
I'll throw in 3 facts but for disclaimer I will add that I am not a korean expert, i dont speak the language, I have never been there.
This is just a recollection of things i have learned over time through koreans in US/India/Europe.

{F1} A lot of south korean immigrants to US were the result
of a marriage between a south korean woman and a soldier.
A good deal of these marriages were not happy but the women stuck through....It is complicated and a lot of them did sponsor their relatives to US(through Green Card and even phony exchange student programs)
2 dynamics were going on
often these women who were strugling in an unhappy marriage but continued because south korea was economicaly weak(remember asian currency crisis was as much due to korean won mismanagement as the thai bath) untill the mid 90's.
In korean circle these 1st gen women are 'looked down upon'
Often derogetory terms were used by koreans to describe them!
Even though they sacrificed personal happiness over family?.

Often when these women would call back home they were usualy complaining how bad life is for them and vent....

The US role in opening up korea was brutal.
Korea wasnt interested in prefrential trade, but it was opened up by US in pre wwI era.
I know most americans get their history from tom hanks for wwII and the fictions of henry kissinger for vietnam(where a fiction promoter like oliver stone probably does a better job).

A more educated korean generation knows about and does realize the loss of soveriegnty.
It is one of the most fundamental of human desires to be free of 'foreign' influences.

Some koreans think that they can do a better job negotiating with north koreans then others.

{F3} The role of christianity vs buddhism...
Most emigres are christian while country is buddhist,
Most immigrants speak lowly of their buddhist country men back home....
I do wonder what such dynamics do in case of national politics?
Are such emigrants looked as traitors or those with a rational critique?

Again I dont know much and would appriciate if koreans englighten me?


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it is important to address China's growing influence in the Western Hemisphere

Rachel Storms

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